How To Become A Sports Psychologist U Of M

Hi Molly, Thanks for your nice note. The only way I know of being recognized as a sports psychologist is to attend a college or university offering sports psychology degrees. […]

How To Connect Tp Link Ethernet

It offers both Ethernet and WiFi (802.11b/g/n), so all you have to do is plug in one end near your router and connect the two with one of the included Ethernet cables (you get two). The other end you place anywhere in your home or office (as long as its part of the same power line running through the building) — it acts as both a Wi-Fi range extender and it offers two Ethernet ports on bottom. […]

How To Develop Content For Social Media

It’s really important to be strategic about your social media, otherwise, you may find yourself spending time and resource on managing it but not knowing if it’s actually working. […]

How To Become A Better Person In A Relationship

I wanted to integrate values in my life that meant something and that helped me to become a better partner for women and a better human being in general. Today I can think of 15 values that helped me to change my romantic relationships and my relationships with friends and family forever. […]

How To Become A Mortgage Broker Calgary

25/09/2017 · Have you ever wanted to learn more about the mortgage business? Maybe you want to open up an office and you're in the process of getting licensed? […]

How To Add Css File To Html

I think #238 is referencing the old version of react-boilerplate, did you check: #595? Also if it's only a css file I think with just linking the file on index.html should be enough. […]

How To Draw A Weed Symbol Step By Step

How to Draw a Syringe, Needle. since it's close to Halloween, I thought a blood filled needle would be cool. This is also a great tutorial for a medic symbol or for a hospital icon. I love drawing simple things because it's the simple objects people enjoy most. Have fun and remember to keep those requests rolling in. Step 1. TOP. Description: For the first step you will draw the cap or […]

How To Add Website Address In Latex

In LaTeX I tried to add using URL, webpage and misc. First, I don't know what is the difference between URL, webpage and misc? Second, when I tried to run the LaTeX code the reference for the website became empty, I don't know why. […]

How To Reduce Resistance To Behavior Change

19/08/2013 · Among the most common related to health behavior change are the transtheoretical model of behavior change, the health belief model, and social cognitive theory. The purpose of this paper is to describe several of the most common theories of health behavior change and provide a series of tools that can be used to apply the theories in clinical practice. […]

How To Add Ares To Kodi 17

Once the new window open, navigate to Ares Wizard > program add-ons > Ares Wizard then click to Install. Once the Ares Wizard is installed, return to Kodi home screen to launch the installed Ares Wizard by clicking on it. […]

How To Change A Wall Mounted Thermostat

Wall heaters are a great way to stay warm, save money & be more energy-efficient. Let's take a look at how an electric wall heater can benefit you. Let's take a look at how an electric wall … […]

How To Become A Licensed Medical Aesthetician In Texas

Rejuvenation Spa: an experienced owner in medical-grade services. The best career move Christi made was to return to school to become a licensed aesthetician. She completed her training at Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics and has continued to refine her expertise by achieving additional certificates: […]

How To Have Break Between Infinite Animation Css

the animation is switched off and the text is set to it’s ‘fully glowed’ state the button is moved down 3 pixels using translateY the box-shadow which defines the button depth is changed to […]

How To Build Your Own Wordpress Website

Whether you’re a business owner, an entrepreneur, a marketing manager or a website designer with not much experience in WordPress, this course will teach you how to build a great-looking, high-performing WordPress-powered website, without spending more money than you have to. […]

How To Delete Recent Searches On Messenger App On Android

We will show you how to remove an app from the “Recent Apps” screen in Android. Our example includes a Nexus 7 and a Samsung Galaxy S4. Accessing the “Recent Apps” screen is different on each device and the Galaxy S4 has a feature on the “Recent Apps” screen that the Nexus 7 does not. […]

How To Connect Chrage 2 To Ios Bluetooth

3/04/2017 · On your iOS device, tap Settings > Bluetooth and find your device in the list. If your device says Not Connected, tap the name of your accessory to attempt to connect it. If your device says Not Connected, tap the name of your accessory to attempt to connect it. […]

How To Change Light Bulm In Pot Light

29/01/2014 · had the same thing with a cheap light fitting, couldn't budge it at all... ended up leaving the fitting with one dead bulb in and just put up with it. a couple of months later another bulb went and that also wouldn't move.... that was the end of that light fitting. […]

How To Create A Bracket Frame In Word

Use the Insert Frame Manually icon on the Insert toolbar (go to View > Toolbars > Insert to display it), select the number of frames in the drop-down menu, and drag the mouse to draw the frame. Using an icon on the Insert toolbar to create a frame. […]

My Little Pony How To Draw Princess Twilight Sparkle

The Sparkle family are Twilight Sparkle's relatives in My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. Twilight's mother and father are respectively named Twilight Velvet and Night Light. They first appear in a flashback in The Cutie Mark Chronicles enrolling a filly Twilight in Princess Celestia's School... […]

How To Add Music To Adobe Premiere Pro Cc

So if you already use Premiere Pro CC, the app should fit nicely into your existing workflow. After you’ve decided on a video editor and have it open, there’s only one thing left to do. Step 3: Import music … […]

How To Clean A Chandelier Easily

Use a second clean cloth and rub off polish and buff item a brilliant shine. If tarnish is stubborn and not easily removed, try the following steps. Fill a pot with vinegar and bring to a boil. […]

How To Add Air Printer

23/09/2013 · new posts dissapear but still add to total comments, do not allow breach of firewall, run AV software immediately. too a bit to set up but works like a charm on my non-AIR HP printer!!! eleetk • 8 years, 1 month ago. For all with authentication issues who wish not to enable the guest account or add a password to your existing account. On Windows XP, Vista and 7 (x86 and x64) you can use […]

How To Change Location Of Picture Saved On Nexus 5

5/11/2013 · I actually have a Nexus 5. My friend is the one with the iPhone that is sending photos to my phone (Nexus 5). Another thing I noticed....within the same thread if they send a single photo MMS after the "multiple photos" MMS...I can no longer select an individual photo in the "multiple photo" MMS. […]

How To Become A Holistic Nutritionist In Texas

Congratulations to Deborah Drury for graduating from the Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition program. Deborah previously earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Southeast Missouri State University. She is a retired teacher and registered nurse who taught Health Occupations to high school... […]

How To Add Background Image Fossil Q Smartwatch

Quickly learn how to use your Fossil Q Touchscreen Smartwatch following these easy steps: pair it with your phone, track your activity, customize your smartphone notifications, use the built-in microphone and personalize your watch faces and straps. […]

How To Download Movies Onto Laptop No Utorant

23/04/2013 · me and my bf have been looking for a site to download free movies to our laptop computer without no cost or charge, i have been searching like none stop and it's harder to find website so i'm needing help i dont want to upload any of ours from disks i want to go to a website and personally download movies... show more me and my bf […]

Excel How To Change The Name Of A Series

25/04/2008 · Best Answer: You mean you want the chart series label to have the text from the formula itself? If that's the case, just enter the text into a cell (you might have to put a ' character at the beginning of the text so that Excel knows it's text.) […]

How To Cook Baby Spinach Healthy

Healthy spinach and feta dip. This spinach and feta dip is tasty and made with delicious fresh spinach, yoghurt and feta cheese. Pack it alongside some crunchy vegetable sticks for a low-fat snack. […]

How To Bring A Bartholin Cyst To A Head

If you have a lump in your genitals, get it checked by your GP. If it turns out to be a Bartholin's cyst and it doesn't bother you, it's often better to leave it alone. If the cyst is painful, your GP may recommend: If the cyst becomes infected and an abscess (a painful collection of pus) develops […]

How To Draw Humans For Beginners

Learn to Draw Workshop This workshop is for beginners who are interested in learning how to draw or improve their drawing skills. Drawing is the foundation of all of the visual arts and to draw well requires practice and perseverance. […]

How To Build A Gazebo Frame

Build the frame for the back and side screens. Cut the components from 1Ă—2 lumber. Drill pocket holes at both ends of the orange components and insert 1 1/4″ screws into the perpendicular components. […]

How To Change You Voice In Voicechat In Tf2

25/02/2017 · Add short description of your footage (example: i blow up myself with the rocket ). 4. Attach a link to your demo footage video, send youtube link as unlisted or public together with demo file. […]

How To Add Debit Card To Apple Id India

It sounds like your card is a debit-only card. Most debit cards can either go through the Maestro debit network, or the MasterCard credit network. Debit transactions require entry of a PIN though, so Internet transactions work only through credit networks. […]

How To Appear More Funny

And that fun doesn’t result simply in smiles and laughs–it brings a tangible increase in workplace happiness and productivity. A more enjoyable workplace makes individuals perform better, in […]

How To Delete Directory Number In Vtech Phone

Delete a directory entry. . . . . . . . . . . 19 Copy a directory entry into speed dial . . . 20 Dial a number from the directory . . . . . . 20 User’s manual 1. Handsets (2 for CS5111-2, 3 for CS5111-3) 7. Telephone base with mounting bracket 3. Telephone base power adapter 2. Telephone line cord 6. Batteries ( (2 for CS5111-2, 3 for CS5111-3) 5. Battery compartment covers 3 for CS5111 […]

How To Add Degrees In Desmos

The variable c operates in degrees, and the trig function of Desmos should be set to "degrees." Is it possible for Desmos to auto-detect when you want degrees? I'm not smart enough to know how you'd program that. I could launch into a rant about radians, but I won't. […]

How To Draw A Crossword Puzzle

Crossword puzzles are organized in a grid with some squares blacked out, remaining unused. Other squares are in play, and each contains one letter partially spelling out the word, phrase or abbreviation hinted at by the clues. Each puzzle has two sets of clues, one for answers going diagonal and one for vertical answers, typically labeled “across” and “down.” Answers are always read […]

How To Clean Cloth Diapers With Vinegar

Hard water is not as effective at cleaning cloth diapers as soft water, because hard water contains minerals that make a good clean more difficult. In hard water, laundry detergents are not as effective because they waste cleaning agents. When you add detergent to hard water, some of the detergent binds with the calcium and magnesium minerals and settles to the bottom of the washing machine […]

How To Connect Mac Tv

What kind of cable do I need to connect to the Apple TV with my Mac to deploy the app using lightning cable - like I do with iPhone. In the keynote presentation it looks like it's lightning port: […]

How To Detect Brain Hemorrhage

The new work is an important step toward defining a more quantitative way of assessing patients with mild traumatic brain injuries and developing more precision medical tools to detect… […]

How To Build A Cement Pad For Hot Tub

Installing a Hot Tub is Less Expensive Than You Might Think! We are often asked how much you can save by using EZ Pads instead of concrete for a hot tub or spa foundation. Our lifetime guaranteed EZPads cost only $349 + s/h, so the answer seems to be that you can save anywhere from about $200 to … […]

How To Download Songs From Spotify On Android

Spotify is regarded as the most polished and popular music streaming service, and it is also added some new features to improve the music experiences and discover more new music. Spotify offers free trial for casual listening and $9.99 per month for Premium ($4.99 per month for students) to remove ads and for higher music quality. […]

How To Cut A Turnip Into Cubes

If you are using fresh turnip greens with turnip attached, you might want to use the whole plant. Wash, peel, and cut a turnip into 1/4-inch cubes and cook it right along with the greens. […]

How To Download Viki Videos

Download Viki TV For PC Windows (7,8,10,xp) Free Overview. Viki TV for pc is a free entertainment application which offers TV Dramas & Movies as well as popular TV shows from from Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand etc.Using Viki TV you will be definitely entertained with movies, TV shows in different languages.Also the app allows you to […]

How To Change A Gfci Outlet

GFCI circuit breakers last longer than GFCI outlets and are a good idea if you do not test your GFCI outlets on a regular basis. Read on to learn more about proper installation. Read on to learn more about proper installation. […]

How To Create Vpn Tunnel

In this short and overdue tutorial, we will set up a virtual private network (VPN) to help protect your online anonymity. I will not be covering much on what a VPN is or what these settings are. […]

How To Cook Chicken With Chinese Wine

How to Cook Chinese Braised Chicken With Bitter Gourd by Huang Kitchen This is a classic home-cooked dish that most Asian Chinese households are familiar with. […]

How To Cancel Vegan Aesthetics

3/01/2011 · One of the things that I am enjoying with my business Vegan Aesthetics these days, is using and working with vintage items. In fact on a Friday morning or afternoon, you will most likely find me scoping out the nearby outdoor market looking for vintage silverware and other materials that I can bring home, clean up and use in my designs. […]

How To Download Autocad 2010

Starting Up AutoCAD® 2010 1. Select the AutoCAD 2010 option on the Program menu or select the AutoCAD 2010 icon on the Desktop. Once the program is loaded into memory, the AutoCAD® 2010 drawing screen will appear on the screen. 1-4 AutoCAD® 2010 Tutorial: 2D Fundamentals Note that AutoCAD automatically assigns generic name, Drawing X, as new drawings are created. In our example, AutoCAD […]

How To Create A Letterhead In Photoshop Cs6

Photoshop Make inviting backgrounds with these tips from a Disney artist. How to render realistic transparent surfaces . By Mike Griggs . 3D Creating transparent surfaces is tricky; here's how to get it right. Use Marmoset Toolbag to present models in VR. By Martin Nebelong . 3D Present VR models in a better light with Marmoset Toolbag. Create collage effects in the browser with CSS. By Aga […]

How To Download From Kickass In India

Cheat India Torrentking (2019) Download Torrent 1.1 GB Hindi Kickass [14727] , Enjoy Hdrip Dvdrip Xvid Ac3 Movies and Tvshows For Free, Games and Softwares with Crack and Patch puppytorrent, torrentgang and more in your pc tablet and mobile. […]

How To Download Pokemon On Mac

In this article, we’ll guide through the process of using Pokemon GO on PC i.e Windows and Mac. The game itself, download Pokemon Go but don’t install or run it until it’s time, or it won’t work: Download; After downloading, just transfer all these files into a single folder so you can easily find them later. Do not rush to install any of the apps without knowing the exact […]

How To Add Prioducts On Facebook Catalogs

Facebook Shop allows you to list your Create products on your Facebook business page, opening up your business to potentially thousands of new people! This is a great opportunity to widen your customer base quickly and easily. It takes five minutes to set up your Facebook business page, and less time than that to add your Create shop to it. Once set up, your products will be available to all […]

How To Download Music From Google Play Onto Device

24/08/2012 · google recognised that people like to root their devices but still wanted to pay for rentals through google play so they changed how the digital license gets encrypted, so yes you can watch rented movies now on a rooted device. google wallet though is a whole other problem... […]

How To Add Google Alerts To A Website

Launched in 2003, Google Alerts aim to help you monitor web contents that pull your attention. This powerful tool is undoubtedly one of the surest bets to remain updated. As you know, Google’s prying eyes can see into most of the stuff circulating across the internet. […]

How To Create Custom Dhcp Scope Options

Note that Scope Options can be configured directly even when you create a new DHCP Scope as we saw in a previous article. Configure Server and Scope Options using PowerShell To configure both Server Options and Scope Options, use the Set-DhcpServerv4OptionValue cmdlet. […]

How To Draw Pokemon Trainer Misty

This is early in the morning and misty, so the sky will only be a very light blue color. Start the distant trees with a medium Blue/Purple mix and then with a touch of white, we can lightly blend this in and soften up the top edge and tap in the profile of the line of trees. […]

How To Change A Guitar Amplifier Speaker

Also, the aging process of these materials will change a speaker’s tone over time. New speakers will therefore sound different from vintage speakers. New speakers will … […]

How To Become Vegan And Lose Weight

12/04/2010 · Best Answer: You would be very fit if you become vegan. Meat has way too much fats. Eggs, dairy, and other animal products have fats as well. So by eliminating meat and animal product you increase the chance of losing weight. If you do however get concerned about losing too much weight all you have to do is […]

How To Add Explicit Tags To Mp3

Entering “1” will give the song the “Explicit” tag, and entering “2” will give it the “Clean” tag. Leaving the value blank will give no tag. Leaving the value blank will give no tag. After modifying the details for the song, press “Ctrl + S” in MP3Tag to get a window informing you that the changes have been saved. […]

How To Download Torrent For Free

Every torrent you download is free… except for the internet data which you should get from isp to download. Install client software like uTorrent, BitTorrent, … […]

How To Create Arduino Library

The Arduino website also has great instructions on installing libraries if you need more information for using the Arduino IDE’s library manager, importing a *.zip library, and manual installation. Arduino's Official Library Instructions […]

How To Catch Chicken Pox

Shingles, also known as herpes zoster, is an infection of a nerve and the skin around it. It is caused by the varicella-zoster virus. You should see a GP if you think you have shingles. It is caused by the varicella-zoster virus. […]

How To Draw A Lancaster Bomber

The Lancaster bomber is a complex aircraft with four engines and the fuel-, oil-, and cooling systems necessary to run them. Then there is the hydraulics, pneumatics, and the electric system, the flight engineer is in charge of them all. He has a large number of controls and instruments in front and behind his collapsible seat. For more information about all the controls and instruments the CD […]

How To Delete Itunes Account On Pc

Connect your iPhone to PC using the USB data cable and then launch iTunes. Select your iPhone when it appears in iTunes under Devices , and then click Info . Now, check and uncheck Sync Contacts with to get the Remove Contacts window prompt. […]

How To Download Ventana Tweak Free

ASUS GPU Tweak free download, safe, secure and tested for viruses and malware by LO4D. ASUS GPU Tweak for Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 in 32-bit or 64-bit. ASUS GPU Tweak for Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 in 32-bit or 64-bit. […]

How To Clear Autofill In Google Chrome

30/04/2018 · How to Autofill on Google Chrome. The autofill feature makes filling up forms easier for you. If you previously entered your address or credit card information, the browser can save that information for future use so the next time you fill... The autofill feature makes filling up forms easier for you. If you previously entered your address or credit card information, the browser can save that […]

How To Choose Mala Beads

To use your mala, hold it with your left hand and begin to recite from the guru bead, clockwise around the mala, using your thumb to move the beads. Count one bead for each recitation of the mantra. The first bead is held between the index finger and thumb, and with each recitation of the mantra move your thumb to pull another bead in place over the index finger. […]

How To Create A Resume With No Work Experience

Putting your resume together is a manageable task when you have a solid work experience. However, if you’re a high school or university graduate who hasn’t worked a day before, creating an application document might seem a real challenge. […]

How To Become An Olympic Boxer

applying to be a boxer CAREER AS A PROFESSIONAL BOXER Professional boxing is a hard, demanding sport and like so many other areas of activity or sport in which young people like to participate there is a degree of risk. […]

How To Choose A Sugar Cane

A calorie-dense carbohydrate, sugar is derived from sugar beet and sugar cane plants. It requires multistep processing before it becomes the refined, granulated table sugar that we use most often. […]

How To Add Teams In Basketball Gm

TeamSnap has everything all in one spot for my basketball team, especially when I'm coaching 2 or more teams. I can organize, schedule, leave notes for the entire team for all the parents to see instantly, and it is all done with ease and simplicity. […]

How To Create A Character Sketch

1/06/2018 · Little Taryn here is a Viridi Ruinia dragon. Of the several dozen unique species in the Viridi line, Ruinia is one of the most commonly sighted and easily transplanted from the forests where these creatures make their homes. […]

How To Add Custom Steam Profile Backgrounds

Like you could click on (maybe) the Steam workshop, click on "Custom Backgrounds", make your own (also, since this is Steam, it would likely cost money in order to do so), and send it to a moderator or someone that works for Steam, etc, to get it approved to use on your profile; meaning they won't approve if it has gore, sexual images, etc. […]

How To Create Brand Name Generator

About the Brandings Brand Name Generator. Finding the perfect name for your brand, company, business, or product has never been easier. To the relief of entrepreneurs everywhere, the Brandings Brand Name Generator has streamlined the naming process down to a few steps. […]

How To Change Your Proxy

Then new window appear choose Manual proxy features and then your proxy in the place of HTTP box and also add Port no in the given box. Just under the box of Proxy their is dialogue about Use this proxy … […]

How To Become A Real Estate Agent In Toronto

Subscribe to Torontoism’s monthly newsletter! Subscribe to our newsletter below to get monthly updates about Toronto’s real estate market, restaurant scene, best coffee shops and a lot more news from the greatest city in the world! […]

How To Fold An Origami Crane Prison Break

This time we take a break this a simple new decor. The heart-shaped origami paper using a square, easy The heart-shaped origami paper using a square, easy 966 340K […]

How To Cook Salmon Head Soup

An unusual Filipino soup recipe by Burnt Lumpia blogger Marvin Gapultos that includes salmon, Japanese miso, and calamansi, a cousin to the lime. Chowhound Presents: Table Talk with Nicole Ponseca and Miguel Trinidad of I Am a Filipino And This Is How We Cook … […]

How To Change Network Password Tvdsb

Home Network password and username Hi I have two laptops connected via a netgear wireless router. On one laptop, I can see the other laptop, but when i try to connect I am asked for a username and password. as far as i am awae, I have not set up any such details. I have tried my computer password, my internet username and password, my router username and password all to no avail. This laptop […]

How To Connect To Playstation Network

Head to your PlayStation 4’s Settings screen, select “Remote Play Connection Settings” in the list, and enable the “Enable Remote Play” option. Next, head to the main Settings screen and select “PlayStation Network/Account Management.” […]

How To Change Security Settings On Windows 8

All well and good, but I have Windows 8.1 home, so no Local Security Policy. I'm convinced that Local Security Policy is just a nice front end to changing Registry Values. So another quick look and I found this Windows 8 security policy "LAN Manager Authentication Level" […]

How To Become A Good Person In Islam

Five qualities of a true believer of Islam (a Muslim) May Allah grant us good qualities of a true believer in Islam. Alveera ASSALAAMU ALAIKUM WARAHMATULLAH WABARAKATUHU JAZAK ALLAHU KHAIRAN!MAY ALLAH SUBHANO WATA AALA bless you people for spreading Islamic knowledge ,with the best reward in this world and highest reward hereaafter. ASSALAAMU ALAIKUM … […]

How To Call Collect From France To Usa

4/11/2009 · France · Italy · Norway · Collect calls to the U.S. from Germany Sign in to follow this . Followers 1. Collect calls to the U.S. from Germany Started by davo, 22 Dec 2004. 12 posts in this topic . davo 6 6 USA; Posted 22 Dec 2004. Hi, I occasionally need to call companies in the US which offer toll free numbers, but those numbers are typically only for use within the US and won't work […]

How To Buy Digital Music On Amazon

Receive free digital products. When you purchase a certain number of digital downloads from Amazon, you can get additional downloads at no extra charge. Each week, you can also get a free downloadable song from the week's featured artist. […]

How To Delete A Petition On Ipetition

Another petition on was started on 26 Nov in response to the first petition. The counter-petition said Lambert should be allowed to perform at the … […]

How To Create A Photo Carousel In Wordpress

If you want your website to display various photos and videos, then the only option that you ever get is a list of the best free WordPress carousel plugins. It is sure to be the only way on how you can get the right plugin to be used on your website and can make your website as appealing as possible. With choosing among the best free WordPress carousel plugins that you can try, your website is […]

How To Get A Build A Bear Franchise

Amsbra currently operates 11 Build-A-Bear Workshop stores in the U.K. and owns a partial interest in Faber France S.A.S. the Build-A-Bear Workshop franchisee in France. […]

How To Build Your Own Bar

Bars are a popular gathering place in most cultures. They can offer a place to relax, hang out with friends and gather with others to celebrate or watch sports. Homeowners have begun to install bars in as a space to store alcohol and mixers, prepare drinks and serve as a focal point when hosting parties. […]

How To Add One Level Of Heading In Excel

Excel offers two heading styles: the standard A1 reference, with lettered columns and numbered rows, and the R1C1 option, which uses numbers for both rows and columns. Other than selecting between […]

How To Download Other Programs With Imac 10.13.3

2/04/2018 · Tech support scams are an industry-wide issue where scammers attempt to trick you into paying for unnecessary technical support services. You can help protect yourself from scammers by verifying that the contact is a Microsoft Agent or Microsoft Employee and that the phone number is an official Microsoft global customer service number. […]

The Checklist Manifesto How To Get Things Right Free Download

The Checklist Manifesto: How To Get Things Right Atul Gawande Limited preview - 2010. Checklist Manifesto, The (HB) Atul Gawande Limited preview - 2010. The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right Atul Gawande Limited preview - 2010. View all » About the author (2011) Atul Gawande is a staff member of Brigham and Women's Hospital, the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, and the New … […]

How To Change Your Job

People look for job changes at many points of their professional life, and therefore the job interview questions change as the interviewee changes. […]

How To Add Icon In Menu Using Path

12/09/2015 · So it appears I have found a solution after fiddling about with it. Create shortcut for the sub-folder in Explorer, add an icon, pin to Start Menu, delete shortcut, right-click folder in Start Menu>'open file location', then 'rename' (to remove 'shortcut') […]

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